P.E.O. in Wyoming

P.E.O. in Wyoming began when Effie Murchison, a teacher in Rawlins, asked her Iowa chapter for permission to charter a chapter. On March 23, 1906, Chapter A/WY came to fruition. Think of Wyoming P.E.O. as a mighty cottonwood tree with Chapter A forming the mother root and chapters B, Sheridan (1907) and C, Cheyenne, (1909) and D, Cody (1909) as the supporting roots. Through 1920, our tree grew and chapters E through K formed the trunk. Our state chapter was formed on May 2, 1921 and our tree began to leaf out adding chapters L through Z by 1944, chapters AA to AZ by 1982, and BA to BL by 2014 with buds to grow. Thanks to Miss Effie Murchison, who missed the P.E.O. friendships, ideals and standards enough to set her P.E.O. roots down in our wonderful state. Helen Sheppard, PSP Historian

Wyoming Map